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The Ratblog

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If All Goes Wrong. Nov. 10th, 2008 @ 01:41 pm
So, you've been wondering (I know you have) what happened to Mr. Unloved, guaranteed to be perched upon his rainbow bean-bag all day, every day, in your Furcadia window.
Allow me to explain what's gone on, and gone wrong, and why I'll soon be occupying your screen once more.
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September Callender of Events Sep. 10th, 2008 @ 06:26 pm
Due to the hectic nature of things I can only confirm one event.

Saturday the 20th:
Fall Equinox. A gathering will take place in a special map to celebrate the Fall Equinox. Each furre will be encouraged to stand before the altar and say a prayer, devotional or other sentiment. The theme is the harvest and giving thanks. This will involve a PAGAN RITUAL. If this is against your beliefs or you are disallowed there will be a socializing area set aside for general hanging out. Anyone causing a ruckus will be ejected and tempbanished, anyone being hateful will be perm-banished and no longer welcome at -any- TPD talk or event.
Time: 8:00pm FST. Until such time as we all leave.
Place: furc://rattheunloved:apsychodelicevent

We'll be having the usual talks and whatnot around furc://thepsychodelic anyway, so drop on by!

RP character meme thing. Aug. 25th, 2008 @ 10:08 pm
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

Taken from Wolfy T Twisted (furcadia)
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Walkabout: The Wylde May. 29th, 2008 @ 04:05 pm
The voyage was uneventful. Several slow days of blue-water drifting down the mostly tan and sandy canyon. Ferian Dave had eaten most of the food by the end of the first afternoon. By the end of the second they had broken into the liquor. By the end of the third afternoon there was a small scuffle. And then they were there.

Dave had bounded off the raft, ploughing through the dandelions (like he did at home), and settled in the drifting fluff. Rat had stepped more cautiously. There was a faint shimmer at the ground level, and he was leery of testing it's purpose. Suddenly, the world went sideways and everything became very large. He looked down at himself, his pants were somehow gone, and his knees... were a might bit lower and rounder than he remembered them being. He looked up... and before him loomed a giant.

"Rat?" it bellowed.
"Daaaave?" the rat queried.
"Why you so tiny?"
"Oh shit..." Rat skittered up onto a nearby rock, only now nose-to-nose with the behemoth.
"Oh this is not good..."

Rat flexed his tiny wings, twitched his tiny tail, and cursed very loudly.

Nearby a small undine laughed very, very, hard. Silly furre would know the purpose of the wylde.
Current Music: Blood of Eden - Sinead O'Connor and Peter Gabriel

A Word on Rat Patches. May. 23rd, 2008 @ 12:04 am
Even though I have always tried to be as clear as possible about this, it's come to my attention that some individuals are still unclear on my policy concerning use and ownership of my patches. 

When any individual pays for the use of any patch, either previously existing or custom created, they are purchasing a liscense. FOr some this is an exclusive liscense extended only to one individual, or one guild, and is exclusive in nature. For others it is a multi-user liscense such as those found with most software. Most of the liscenses are limited to the initial user, dream, or guild. Should that entity ever dissolve the liscense dissolves with it. 

What a liscense grants the user is the ability to use the patch, according to the terms of the liscense. What it does NOT grant them is ownership or controlling rights over said patch. I mae the patch, it is ultimately mine.  Most of the time I will allow people to "renew' a liscense if they leave Furc for a very long time, and do so for free. However, they STILL do not get control over the patch, they are simply allowed to use it. 

NO ONE may deem how I use, distribute, modify, or otherwise bad-touch my own patching. Period. I generally adhere to basic rules of dudeness in NOT using things that other people are using, but if your liscense has lapsed (I.e. you left furcadia or dissolved the entity for which it was created) I certainly will if I want to. 

Now that that has been cleared up, I have a few projects coming up to completion that I'd like to let you all in on.

For Pay:
Najash (Nagafurre/Serp). 

For Free:
Hippogryph. (based on the Desert horse and Kae's feral gryph).  
Other entries
» Wot's dis?

So far, so good, in the wild-lands. I really, I mean... for once I really have nothing more to add. 

Allthough, watching Jimi edit the raw "space slugs" footage leaves me in stitches. Some of the stuff they say between takes is enough to make a grown man weep. 

I gotta work on something job-wise soon. Gonna pow-wow with The Penguin and see what can be seen. 

Missin' you like Zwan loves rainbows, 


» One Week Later...

» Leaving for The Wylde... BBL.
There was a small note attached to the fridge. It was written on yellow paper, with blue lines, in green ink. The sloppy, scrawling, hand was familliar to anyone who lived in The 'Delic. It belonged to Rat. The loops of the Gs ran low, and the Ss swept over themselves, also making them look like Gs. The magnet that held it in place was a hollow dome filled with glitter, beads, thick oil, and what was purported to be a solid gold, miniature, Buddha. The glitter was still settling in the twinkling light of an early morning, slowly drifting toward the bottom of the magnet.

A tiny kitterwing hovered in front of the fridge, her head tilted. She'd heard the wholly unusual sound of the deadbolts in the house being checked, and latched. Then she'd heard something get tacked to the fridge, and Rat's unmistakable voice saying "C'mon Dave." When she'd finally roused into lucid thought, the house was eerily silent. There was no sound of Rat making food, or Dave and Mella roughhousing in the front yard. It was too quiet.

She drew a little closer to that note. It could've been anything, a shopping list, a list of chores, a complaint about the state of the bathroom or a statement that Jimi would be stopping in, and that under no circumstances should anyone open the closet door, because "more had been added". It wasn't any of these things. It was a letter...

- Guys,

I'm taking Dave on a walk. A very Long walk.
I don't know when I'll be back or if Dave will come back with me.
      I'm trying to take him home...
  maybe home's here, maybe it's there.
I don't like the teary goodbye thing, I'll miss you
      and you'll miss me.
Remember to water the plants, bathe often, and
DON'T open the Necronomicon's case. EVER.
    Also, don't open Jimi's closet...
I found more stuffed penguins in the storage shed,
and I crammed 'em all in before I Left.
I promise that I will be back. I swear that to you.
Take good care of the place while I'm gone.

    Lu is the boss, so mind her.

- Rat... and Dave

Between Rat's signature, and his closing remark was a large bite mark on the paper, Dave's way of signing it. Dirt and grass was still stuck to the slightly damp spot.

... It was too quiet.

» OOC Walkabout
I'm leaving for Dallas on Saturday. Uh, dunno when I'll be regularly about the Furcadias again.

I will miss all of you, and hopefully when I come back it'll all still be snazzy.
» No Helicopters in Call of Cthulhu...
Ladies and gentlemen.. of the CoC game of 2008
I have one piece of advice for you
No matter what Bob tells you
There's no helicopter in Call of Cthulhu. None.
Oh there's Cthulhu in Call of Cthulhu
But you don't want Cthulhu.. you want the 'copter
And there's no 'copter in Call of Cthulhu

Don't go to parties with Deep ones.
Sure it looks fun inside; but what about
all those women ain't got vaginas?
You KNOW they ain't got one.
If a woman tells you she's 20 and looks 16.. she's a Deep One
If she tells you she's 26, and LOOKS 26.. she's a Shoggoth
No, you can't perform First Aid on the dead guy.
There is no way you're going to use Persuasion on all those rats...
You take -6 HP, dammit!
Young investigators -- if you go into a case involving Mythos Tomes
Just give them to the nerdy guy with glasses.
Why spend the next twenty turns in Arkham
cause you wanted to try and cheat the system?
San check -- ain't nuthin' wrong with that.
No matter what you think of what I'm sayin'
Remember this one thing: there are no helicopters in Call of Cthulhu
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