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My Personal Life, Information and Right to Privacy. - The Ratblog

About My Personal Life, Information and Right to Privacy.

Previous Entry My Personal Life, Information and Right to Privacy. Aug. 11th, 2009 @ 10:52 pm
I find myself growing extremely weary, and honestly very angry at the constant attempts by persons on Furcadia to invade more personal aspects of my life, or make contact with which I am uncomfortable. This entry has been written for their convenience, as well as mine. As I now have a handy URL to paste into the client when someone pushes my boundaries.

Contact - Personal Life - Religion - Liars

The people I choose to associate with regularly and personally may acquire my mailing address (I send holiday cards to buddies), which they are expected not to disclose. Other players may be given my phone number with which to contact me over pertinent issues (Pixel stuff, guild management, conversation, driving directions), again... this information is confidential. I may communicate with them over any number of VOIP programs.

Those that I choose to meet up with in person are, understandably, privy to quirks (my favourite band of cigarettes, my food allergies, my love of Teh Booze). Before I go hang out with someone I make sure I get a good 'vibe' off of them, or that they are in a position of visibility within the community, to thereby minimize risk to my personal safety. One can never be too careful, and I often refuse food or drink from people that I have known fairly well for some time. Why? Club etiquette, kiddos. I have been slipped something once in my life, and had seizures because of it.

Above all, these measures of contact are my personal choice. Because I chose to make them with one person does not mean I will make them toward another, especially if it is requested or demanded of me. No one has the right to tell me -not- to engage in them, and similarly no one can tell me that I HAVE to. No one has the right to repeatedly harass me for contact, especially after I've made it clear I'm uninterested.

Personal Life, Sex Life...etc.
My sexual proclivities are NO ONE'S business. Period. If you have to ask, you are not in a position to require that information, and thus you won't be learning it. My orientation is NOT your business. My fetishes or lack thereof, orientation or lack thereof and frequency of my indulgence in carnal pleasure is not a topic that is appropriate unless I volunteer it. I will no longer be "understandingly polite" about this particular issue from anyone, regardless of who they are. If I tell you "I am not discussing this", and you persist...I may ignore or SR you.

If I have chosen to often omit the sex or gender of my partner/s for their own protection from a community they largely want nothing to do with that is entirely my choice. Acting like you have unlocked some fucking x-box achievement because I have POINTEDLY TOLD YOU the gender of my current partner/s is disrespectful, and clearly indicates that I do not want you around me as a friend. Get. Over. Yourselves.

NOTE: My current partner has NO interest in Furcadia. They do not wish to join, participate, socialize, RP, dreamweave, create art, design, conceptualize, or interact with the community outside the bounds of Furcadia. I had to bribe them to get them to meet up with some folks on two occasions. They do not want to be known or identifiable to the community.

Reproduction is also a topic which is not open for discussion. Both myself and my partner have agreed that children are highly unlikely for us, seeing as I ardently refuse to participate in their creation, rearing or support. The mere idea of my genes being passed on to something prompts me to search for a knife with which to carve out my frontal lobes so I will be troubled by this nightmare no more. Anyone attempting to proselytize their particular reproductive point-of-view will be put on ignore, possibly SR.
The uncertainty of life is not lost on me, and the assumption that I have not thought through my own choices is deeply insulting. Some day my biology may begin demanding that I plant my seed... and I may heed it, or I may continue to blissfully live without that urge. It is not your concern. Move on.

I am very up-front about the fact that I am a Pagan, and I even occasionally name the particular initiatory order through which I attained the high and utterly useless hierarchical degree I currently hold. Most of the time, however, I do not. My Trad has worked hard to maintain secrecy, and anonymity, from the growing plague of Wannabes, McWitches and Appropriators. We are an Initiatory Mystery Tradition based upon Chao-Cthonic interpretations of Ancient Sumerio-Akkadian Ritual form and practice filtered through Revivalist Ceremonialism. We are not openly training, or initiating, anyone. We are not making exceptions. We are not sharing "spells", rituals, rites, practices, lore, or secrets of any fashion with anyone for any reason. There are sometimes hazy, but most often -clear- markers of what is and is not acceptable to pass on to non-initiates. If you are intended to join our ranks, it will become apparent to one of us, and we will speak up clearly toward that end.

Jesus, Christ, Christianity, Judeo-Christian-Islamic... etc.
The fact that I have spent the last decade as a member of this order, training and studying to the point at which I can authoritatively pass on and direct new currents of the tradition is NOT an indication of ignorance of other religions. I have made my choices and selections discerningly. My grandparents on BOTH sides contained ordained ministers of Christianity, and during my search for a faith which I felt called to from a young age, I explored as many religious branches as I was able to. Rest assured I have been acquainted with Christianity in it's many forms, and found that it was not my cup of tea. If your Christ never laughed uproariously, drank heavily, and sinned like every damned one of us, he is not my Christ. If he -did-... then you and I understand each other, and conversion is a silly concept.

Neo-Wicca, Noninitiatory Religions, "I Read A Book And..."
I am not Wiccan, nor am I an initiated Priest of The Wica. I have no interest in "mass market" paganism. I do not believe in a Rede, a Law of any number of folds, nor do I believe that "real witches" can be determined by factors based upon personal like or dislike of their habits. Love and Will are the law, Mercy and Severity. I curse, I cure, I hex, I cleanse. It is NO ONE'S business but mine where, when, why, and by what methods I conduct these things. If I chose to share them I will do so, and if I do not upon request... I will not do so.

Liars, Deceivers and Attention-mongers
It may not seem like it, but I do pay attention. I keep a mental checklist of the events transpiring in the lives of the people I occupy the screen with ingame. When details begin to fall out of synch, I notice. When tragedy after tragedy befalls the same person, who invariably bounces back for more the same week? I notice. When someone claims they've jumped out of a window, and the next day they fell down the stairs, and the next day they were riding their bike through the countryside and saw a BOOTIFUL BUBBERFLY... I notice.

When I start to notice I'm being lied to, I no longer identify that person as someone who interests me. They are no longer a potential friend, especially if they were headed that way before. Being lied to is insulting, lying to others is intensely disrespectful. People who get caught on this aren't worth my time.

I think that about covers it for the time being.
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